The process


The process of creating your book has been finely-tuned so that it will be a straightforward and thoroughly rewarding experience.

On commissioning us to work with you, we will send some preparation materials to work with in your own time. This ensures that every moment we spend with you is fruitful. We will make a sound recording of our interview, so that we don’t miss any details.

We are experienced interviewers and know how to make you feel at ease – people thoroughly enjoy the process of being interviewed about their lives.

When we have collected your memories and copied your mementos (letters, photographs etc), we begin to write it all into a narrative.

We will edit the book and insert the pictures. Then we will check it with you, so that the final version is one that you are delighted with.

The final stage will be to choose your style and materials for binding (we can show you some examples). Our artisan bookbinder will then bind your book. We can also provide a paperback version of your book.